Pizzica, Pizza Joint in Budapest

Having wandered about after a long day exploring the city of Budapest and feel a little peckish? This little hidden pizza corner might do just the trick for you.

Owned by two brothers, Pizzica has been very well received by local and foreign patrons, some of whom have raved about it being the best pizza place in Budapest. The taste of the pizza appealed to me, so did the effortlessly unpretentious environment giving this pizza bar a character of its own.

Besides, I’m a sucker for simplicity and geometry, the logo itself has sold it to me.


IMG_15932IMG_15922 Affordable snack at 50p per slice of focaccia pizza, or up to £1.30 for a premium slice


Top floor with more seatings


All pizzas are served on a wooden serving boardIMG_16032

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Address: Nagymező Utca 21,1065 Budapest, Hungary
Opening hours: 11am – midnight
Telephone: +36 30 993 5481


If pizza isn’t enough and you’d like to treat yourself at the best restaurant in Budapest, head down to Zeller Bistro, it’s only minutes away from Pizzica.


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  1. Pizza look gud . Guy look cool


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