Highest Restaurant in the UK, Duck & Waffle

Whenever somewhere’s been raved about a lot, I would definitely take a trip down to see it for myself. Located in the Heron Tower, Duck & Waffle, the highest restaurant in the UK on the 40th floor, offers a panoramic view of London. I had to make a reservation nearly a month in advance to be allocated a slot.



Heron Tower, where the also much raved about Sushi Samba restaurant is. In fact, just the floor below Duck & Waffle

One of the highlights of the Duck & Waffle experience is the insanely fast double decker fully glazed lift ride. Going at 5mps, you will reach the summit in just 24 seconds! I’ve been on it a few times, and recorded short clips both ways.


Up at the summit on 40th floor, looking down to Sushi Samba outdoor bar just beneath Duck & Waffle

I started out with the Ox cheek doughnut as small plates. I have to say I’m not a fan of wild meat and especially other parts of the body but decided to give this a try. It arrived like a big scotch egg, fried batter on the outside with meat on the inside, served with apricot jam on the side. The disappointment was a rather vivid over-charred taste in the meat and batter, I had to send it back. My table’s personal waitress, who was excellent at her job, took care of it with no further questions asked and took it off the bill without hesitation.


The signature dish for £17 – crispy duck confit served with sunny side up (duck egg) and mustard maple syrup

The combination was superb. I loved the mustard maple syrup so much that I nearly drank it by itself



Torrejas for dessert – £11

Freshly baked maple caramel toast and apples on a burning hot cast goes really well with cinnamon ice cream. The only down side is hyperactivity in the next couple of hours due to sugar overdose.


This trip down to Duck and Waffle was a birthday treat for Jace. I didn’t manage to get any cake for him, besides, he’s the type to keep it hush hush and prefer private celebrations. I did, however mention the special occasion to our personal waitress, and to our delight, she brought out this little assortment of sweets as a gesture on behalf of Duck and Waffle. We loved the nice touch.


After the meal, we checked out Sushi Samba’s outdoor bar


View of the iconic Gherkin from the Heron Tower

The service was overall 5 stars, much of it is owed to the waitress. She knew the entire menu, answered all our questions, checked up on us every five minutes, and got us the little sweets as a surprise birthday gesture. The signature dish did not disappoint, but for £17 a plate, I would only come here for special occasions. Again, the lift ride is highly recommended. If you do not have a reservation at the restaurant, mention at the door that you would like to go to the bar and you will be given entry.


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