World Travel Market London 2014

For anyone in the travel industry, WTM is one major global event that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Over four days from 3 Nov to 6 Nov at the ExCel London convention centre, WTM attracted 50,000 travel professional visitors; with 186 countries participating and 4903 exhibiting companies.

I headed out to experience WTM for the first time. Checked out the exhibitors and attended key events and seminars held by prominent experts in the digital media and blogging industry.

Attending WTM Tips:

  • Get there early – not just to avoid the massive crowd coming in from the DLR trains, information booths are free, and you also get to explore the halls and navigate around a lot easier.
  • Carry a backpack or cabin bag – you can expect to be given goodie bags, samples, magazines and brochures from exhibitors. Combined with your own equipments, it can amount to quite a lot for just a handbag or briefcase.
  • Bring your business cards – of course, this is probably the most important thing to bring. Going at full speed, busy professionals have limited time to pen your contact details. Make sure you bring enough.
  • Stay hydrated and refreshed – the size of the ExCel centre is 100 acres and half a mile walk from North to South hall, carrying snacks and a bottle of water will save you from having to wait long queues at refreshment booths.
  • Get seats at the front – if you’re attending talks and seminars, sitting in the front rows will give you the best views of the slides projected on smaller screens. You will also see and hear better from the panel of speakers particularly if they have a discussion going on.
  • Leave early – I would advise anyone who’s finished for the day to leave the venue before the majority of visitors leave from 5pm onwards. I proceeded to the exit at 6pm and queued a good 15 minutes on the bridge connecting to the DLR train, and another 10 minutes on the platform to board the train, which, otherwise, would’ve taken just 2 minutes.



The bridge connecting the DLR train and ExCel centre



The Latin America exhibitors

DSCF0688 DSCF0685






View of North America from seminar rooms at the second level in South Hall

DSCF0700 DSCF0697 DSCF0696 DSCF0695 DSCF0694 DSCF0693

 A travel perspective keynote from Will Hayward, Vice President of Advertising, Europe for Buzzfeed

If you’ve missed out on some events, you can search for those that were recorded here


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