El Nido Island

Continuing from Sabang, this was the next and final stop in my Philippines adventure. I can barely describe with words how I felt when I first laid eyes on this island, let alone being there, especially after six gruelling hours of car transfer from Sabang on the rocky journey that seems to never end.
PS: It’s coming to a year since the trip, and I am still recovering from post-trip withdrawal.
A peek of the bits of the west coast
Decided to pamper ourselves a little. Our stay at Cadlao Resort
Overlooking Cadlao Island
The resort is set up by a couple who were often spotted lounging at the resort’s bar throughout my stay. It is a mini friendly resort and located not far off the town, it is quiet and definitely private compared to other resorts in neighbouring areas. The downfall though is that it isn’t conveniently accessible where chauffeuring facilities was needed between the resort and the town (provided by the resort), as it takes about 15 minutes on foot and passing through a cemetery. You wouldn’t want to do that in the evening. The room rates were above average compared to everywhere else in El Nido (there’s extra charges for air-conditioning). I guess what we are paying for here is the privacy and the view.
Can’t complain
A view to die for
El Nido town
At the fields of El Nido elementary school
En-route to Las Cabanas beach
Las Cabanas
Loaned a little sampan from the villagers and paddled towards Cadlao Island
The current made it impossible. Lessons learned. Hire a kayak instead.
Next up: Island hopping in El Nido.


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  1. I just by accident end up on your blog, pleasure to see your daily happiness you're beautiful, I just wan to say that I wish you all the best!


  2. Thank you oh so much. I hope to continue sharing and spreading the happiness for as long as time allows :-)


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