NYE 2013 by London Eye

Incoming. A super later gram. I am back in the Blogger radar.

Happy new year peeps!

Starting my 2014 blog with a bang; sharing some photos of the very last few hours and minutes of 2013. Four years and counting in London, it was my first NYE countdown by the Thames. What an experience of a lifetime! Never mind the 7 hours of being sandwiched among thousands of revellers during the lead up to midnight, and never mind the unforgivable English rain, I had a spectacular view of the firework display right opposite the London Eye by the river. It was beautiful.
Asian invasion baby.
Invading the Colombian colony
What did I tell you about being smacked right opposite the London Eye?
It took a lot of planning and sacrifices – lost a Ralph Lauren beanie along the way
We arrived at our spot at 5pm. There was no room to move beyond 7pm.
Countdown begins at 1:30 (Can hear crazy woman a.k.a my sister shouting OMG repeatedly)
One of the most beautiful things I have seen in my life – 3:23
Super big bang finale – 4:19
“Happiness is not a thing, not a situation nor a destination.
Happiness is a journey.”
Wishing you folks an incredible journey ahead.


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  1. Gorgeous photos!
    Love the photos you posted


  2. Thank you darling Hazel.


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