Palawan Adventures

…continuing my Philippines adventure.
Apart from the highlight, here’s two more things to add into the itinerary when visiting Sabang:
Mangrove paddleboat tour and X Zipline
Both the mangrove tour and zipline activity were booked through Daluyon resort where I stayed. It was real convenient and definitely underpriced! Only 300 Peso (approx £4) for the mangrove tour and 1100 Peso (approx £15) for the zipline and, wait for it, these are the prices for two people! What a steal. Although it was only 15 minutes walk, we were chauffeured on a 4×4 from the resort to the mangrove spot and back. Throughout the entire tour, we were also escorted by a local guide. How cool is that?
Jace decided to take matters into his own hands, and without a life jacket
These men know the forrest like their home.
While paddling through the forrest, Jace and I had a pleasant conversation with the man behind me; told us of his adventures in Sabang and that he was one of the very first few men to explore deep into the Sabang underground river few decades ago. Amazing story by an amazing character.
About 30 minutes on the paddleboat in and out of the forrest, we’ve heard amazing stories and seen incredible creatures. One of the most underrated things ever, it’s a surprise there’s hardly anyone visiting.
Right after the mangrove tour, we strolled a good 10 minutes along the beach making our way to the zipline.
In the photo, you could actually see the zipline in the background across the sea
15 minutes hike up the mountain and voila!
Hidden paradise
I hesitated for a bit before jetting off. I mean there were massive rocks underneath the zipline! Fatal.
So Jace and I decided to go on it together, one in the front the other glued to the back. He dies, I die.
I must say though, those 10 seconds were one of the best damn things I have ever had in my life.
From the zipline base where we touched down, the only way back is to swim through the sea. The local kids who happened to be nearby brought us back to the shore on their little boat, safe and dry :-)
Next up: En-route to El Nido.


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  1. I miss this blog… please write an entry for 2014 ^^


  2. I really hope to catch up on blogging again. Unfortunately my priorities at the moment does not allow me to. Shall try a lot harder!


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