Triptease Teaser

Here’s something to please your eyes, guys!
Stumbled upon a site that looks like a portfolio of a creative director. Finally, a review site that is visually focused and appealing. So far, I find the site quite like a blog rather than a review site as the concept of Triptease is fairly visual less the conventional features such as star ratings and affiliate advertising, of which they have scrapped and replaced with what’s in accordance with the taste of urban consumers – ‘like’ buttons and ‘affection’ points for reviewer’s influence.
Minimalist, it is.
Foodies, photogs, travellers, and even revellers, you might want to start setting up an account if you’re looking to scout around for a restaurant to fill your coming weekend plans or starting to map out your next exquisite getaway.
My very own Triptease profile page kickstarted with my first review on Burger and Lobster
It wouldn’t be featured on Mashable if it ain’t going to be the next big thing.
Already a Tripteaser?
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  1. Hi!

    So glad the word is spreading about Triptease and I love your tease about Burger & Lobster. Can't quite believe I haven't been there yet!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.


  2. Hello Ella,

    Glad you loved it! You're quite the foodie yourself, I've just subscribed to your teases. Look forward to reading more posts from you :-)



  3. lots of amazing on the website. i suppose it works like trip advisor but prettier? great recommendation!


  4. @Flora,

    Eventually it would be the next Trip Advisor, but better! It takes a little more effort to upload a review on Triptease, which is a good thing because it shows the contents have more substance as the author took their time to create one. :)


  5. So glad to hear all these lovely words :) I really like having the time to reflect on my adventures and I completely agree that the extra effort adds an extra quality to the reviews.

    Looking forward to reading more of your teases too :)

    Ella x


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