Peek Into YouTube Space, London

Detouring away from my Philippines travel log quickly with this post on my visit to the first ever YouTube Space in Europe. Dan Khoo, our up and coming fellow Malaysian YouTuber with his team of production buddies took a trip down to London to shoot some skits earlier this August. I happen to have acquainted Dan for a year through Jace, who happens to be his second-degree cousin! As Dan was a first timer in London, Jace became his tour guide and I tagged along promising to be of some use during his filming, which I did ;)
The day out in YouTube Space was to film the Gen-Y Blues, Malaysian Style video (embedded at the end of post), and here’s the preview of our behind the scenes.
Upon entering the block in Soho
YouTube Space London right next to Google London
YouTube Space, what’s it all about?
In short, a creative production space built solely for YouTube Partners, whom they call ‘Creators’.
The mini kitchenette at the entrance of YouTube Space. We were asked to help ourselves.
Yes Please.
Entrance into the production rooms
A little psychedelic don’t cha think?
Perhaps these colourful illuminations were installed to activate the right brain.
We got the entire space to ourselves for the whole day. So much to do yet so little time.
Myself and Marc in the green screen room
It’s all work, no play. Promise.
The crew from left: Wai Kit, Marc, Myself, Bboyrice, Jacial (Cow), Dan, and SLK
Sneak peek into the control room. Again, all work, no play. Promise.
A boy’s equivalent of make-up? An animal onesie.
The large studio room
The only place where narcissism is highly recommended
After 2 hours in the studio, it was a wrap.
Watch the full video below :-)

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