Puerto Princesa Underground River

Following the introductory post on my arrival in Sabang, this is the next post that I cannot wait to share – my experience of the Puerto Princesa Underground River tour.
Did You Know?
Puerto Princesa Underground River (also known as St. Paul’s  Subterranean River National Park) is amongst the impressive list of UNESCO world heritage sites. What’s more impressive is that this site, only in the last year, was announced as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. As explained in my previous post, Sabang is not the easiest of places to get to. But for this fine bucket list-worthy reason alone, it makes sleeping on the airport ground completely worthwhile and forgettable.
By the Sabang boat terminal, waiting to be transported across the waters to get to the underground river
Only 15 minutes across the ocean, we’re here!
For every Asian tourist and an English photographer, a failed jump shot is inevitable
Swap it the other way around and we Asians can capture the unimaginable…
…such as the devolution of homo sapiens
The grand entrance to the carefully conserved Underground River
Moments before boarding our little paddle boat
Entrance to the underground river slash cave
Exactly the same experience of a simulation ride, except we’re talking about real creatures in there!
A glimpse of another boat from afar. Only several boats are allowed into the cave at a time
Little bats napping during daytime
Big caution from the boat guide: Never look up with your mouth and say ‘Wow’ or you will find
yourself begging for a big tub of Listerine
Ten minutes into the cave and there stood a super stalagmite
Due to constant motion and poor lighting, this was all that I managed to capture on my X100 camera
This shot will put your doubts at rest. No wonder it’s a new wonder.
[photo source]
Jace & I
The tour wrapped up rather quickly while we were constantly kept at awe
Three hours into the morning and we’re back at our resort
All that moist and sweat plus the rest of the day unoccupied, this calls for a quick noon dip
The real infinity pool even the riches can’t afford
The view from our resort, only moments away from the sea
…a quick chauffeur on a private boat across the sea to the majestic site, a 30-minute tour on a small paddle boat around the cave accompanied by a hilarious tour guide (jokes in English of course), and a SD card full of photos at the end of the tour, it’s all worth every penny. The tour was booked directly with Daluyon Resort, which costs around £35 per person. It probably costs a little more than the other booking agencies but a little extra goes a long way. The price includes: a return boat trip to and from the underground river site, the convenience of Daluyon’s prime location – no transport needed to get to Sabang boat terminal as the resort is only 5 minutes away, and a hot lunch readily served after the tour. All this in Europe would cost at least triple. That said, the underground river may be located in a secluded place but don’t be surprised that advanced booking is required. Some heads up for planning your itinerary, never book your flights before securing a place for the underground river tour as there’s a tight quota on the daily tours allowed. If you’ve managed to successfully book your transport and tour, congratulations! You’ll be repeating exactly what I’ve done ;)
Next up: the mangrove forrest tour and zipline! Be excited :)


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  1. Your pictures are nicely taken…awesome shots!


  2. Thank you thebrightredbrollies. More to come :-)


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