Taiwan Revisited, 2013

A way overdue post on my trip to Taiwan last April after 3 months in Singapore.

It was a spontaneous follow-mummy-on-business-trip kinda thing. I’ve visited Taiwan once during my puberty age. I have very vague memories of it. Guess I lost it in the process of growing a pair *chuckles* Before en-route to Philippines, here’s my entire 4 days 3 nights in Taiwan.

Of course, I boarded the most economical flight available

As I can hardly read Mandarin, I don’t recall the names of the landmarks I’ve set foot on

Taiwanese street market where they are famous for street snacks of small portions

A legit lunch take away // duck rice with assorted side dishes that we do not have in South East Asia

Arcade for the little ones. I’m referring to the guy in blue here

Fresh fruit lollies!

At a communal temple

A cosy little town with a strong influence of the Japanese culture

Dearest mummy

Clearly, she’s never seen a natural gas chamber that does not cease, ever

A local dish deep in the woods. All poultry slowly roast in these huge pots for hours.

One of the most succulent chicken meat ever.

 A gardenful of cherry tomatoes

It reminds me of the Japanese anime Totoro by Studio Ghibli

Sun Moon Lake

Finally, a landmark that I can remember!

“What rain?” asks aunties in brollies

 The serenity and amount of oxygen took my breath away

Next to the Shueishe Pier by the mountains is a hidden local market

My overall impression of Taiwan? It is a lovely place, but just not quite for me.

1. To begin with, I can’t read Mandarin. Although I can speak it, it makes getting around a challenge.

2. Taiwan’s food is simply too oily and unhealthy for my liking, especially street snacks and night market food. In hindsight, the cuisine doesn’t quite live up to its hype.

3. As for shopping in Taiwan, their sense of fashion definitely does not match my style. There’s no way I can describe their dress sense without sounding like a snob.

4. Despite being Asian myself, I can’t make any friends in Taiwan. Language aside, culture was a big barrier. I’ve come across many friendly Taiwanese who can point out where the nearest toilet is but not who I can strike a conversation with about Instagram or how bad Miley’s twerk was. The impression that I get is that they have a very closed and inward culture within their own conservative bubble.

That said, I might be wrong about certain things. But would I go again? Yes but not in the near future.

Next up: Philippines baby!



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  1. I can so identify with your feelings. Taiwan is not made for everyone i supposed.


  2. @thesillyashy,
    Taiwan has its beauty and certain things that appeal but not much of a lasting impression sadly. The summation of it coming from a frequent traveler: mediocracy.


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