10 Lessons From The Notting Hill Carnival

It’s that time of the year again in London – sunshine, Ray Bans, Soca & Calypso, Red Stripes, booties, neon loop earrings, and raving party animals! Ashamed and proud at the same time to say that in the last 4 years living in London, this is my first time going to the largest street party in Europe – Notting Hill Carnival 2013. Obviously, I couldn’t have done anything more splendid than that. It was party from the break of dawn till the sun goes down. Forget about the Reading Festival already.

So what’s my first time experience like in the Notting Hill Carnival?

Let me sum it up as “10 things I have learned”

Lesson 1: Never organise to gather in the carnival itself

I spent two good hours calling and waiting for friends to gather only to be lost in the crowd again.

That’s right. The largest street party in Europe. 1 million revellers! [photo source]

Lesson 2: Never take a shower before the carnival. This place is smokin, literally.

Lesson 3: Keep your drugs and bling blings at home.

We all know how notorious the carnival can get. Hundreds of police were deployed around the carnival.

Lesson 4: In the sea of revellers, bring a tall friend with you to take an awesome shot like the above ▲

Lesson 5: Must. Bring. Camera. t’s really not an Asian thing.

Myself with the girls from work, Gina and Lizzy

Along Portobello Road

The best part of being in the carnival was to dance behind the trucks. Gahhh I wanna do it again!

Lesson 6: Have your camera ready at all times to take photos of funny human beings like ▲ and ▼

Oh yeah, very photo worthy. Gorgeously trampy with the bits of bum hanging out

Also, you never know. You get little chaps getting their groove on by the streets

Lesson 7: Ladies, don’t forget to bring along your body guards

With the big French geeks from work who make me look so petit, monsieur Damien and Gary

Lesson 8: Gotta have some of those classic jerk chicken. Must never, ever, miss this one.

Lesson 9: Bring tissues and hand sanitizers, even if you don’t have OCD.

As you sweat while you dance, you’ll be thankful to find these little saviours tucked away in your bag. Also, as you might end up eating jerk chicken on the street pavement, you’ll need the essentials to clean that jerk sauce stain off your pants

Lesson 10: Be friendly with the cops, and they won’t charge you for a photo. Priceless.

The unsung stars of the carnival goes to non-other than the London cops who stole the show!



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  1. cooool, i wanna go london


  2. You should :)
    Put that in your bucket list!


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