My First Published Blog Post


As some of you who have been monitoring my social profile (ehem), you may already know that I am now interning with a B2B tech company in London, blur Group. On top of all the social media work that I do, I managed to get my first humble blog post published on one of its portal. *hooray*

You can read the blog here



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  1. Hello,
    I'm a Malaysian currently studying in London and I was wondering what work visa did you apply for? I'm looking to stay in London after I graduate, but I have no idea what visa to apply for and the UKBA website is a confusing mess that makes it seem impossible to stay after graduating. Could you possibly write a blog post detailing your visa experience?


  2. In order to stays in the UK after your studies, you need to secure a job with UKBA authorized employers. Used to have Post-Study Work Visa, but the UK government discontinued it since April 2012.


  3. Hello. You got it right that you looked at the UKBA site, that would be the first place to get the latest information on visa application. We all know how tedious the UK visa application can be, whether for work or for studies, so I would not dwell on that nightmare in a blog post, but I'm more than happy to share with you here :-)

    I'm at the beginning of my second year in my Post Study Work visa (PSW), which means I have 1 year left to remain in UK under the PSW status. As far as I'm concerned, the UKBA has scrapped the PSW visa and all international graduates like us can no longer apply under that visa tier. I managed to apply at the very last month of the closing date, which was April 2012. At that point I was eligible to apply as I graduated with a BA in Middlesex University in London the year before that.

    It's not impossible to stay in the UK after graduating. You can apply for the Tier 2 visa as a skilled worker under the conditions that you have a job offer, in other words, sponsored by the company. I'm not too sure on this but I found the PDF for the Tier 2 application – have a job offer from a licensed sponsor and a valid certificate of sponsorship; and
    pass a points-based assessment.

    I would love to give advise but unfortunately my experience isn't enough to help with your situation. I would suggest to research what work visa you are eligible to apply under. Once you get that information clarified, start applying for jobs right away and secure an offer!


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  5. bettie andrews July 17, 2016 — 4:55 pm

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