The Singapore Experience

The job market in London wasn’t easy as we all know, graduates struggled to land proper jobs, some for months, some for years. I was one of them. I spent 2 full months looking for a proper full-time job in London after finishing my postgraduate studies in Imperial College. I was keen to the extent of considering internships. An opportunity popped up near last Christmas, I was offered an internship in Singapore by a small lovely design agency. Without hesitation, off I went. So much of being a go-getter.

My daily stopover, the Singapore MRT

The majestic Marina Bay Sands

Inside the Marina

A city so small yet among the strongest of all

Best drink for summer outdoors – Savanna Dry

Where I live, behind a giant broccoli

Where I work ; Duxton

A bubble tea cafe that does pretty well in Duxton

The Innovation Kitchen studio

On my last day, I was given a sweet treat by the boss at a really spectacular venue

View from LeVel33

With lovely colleague, Jien

 With the amazing boss, Mark and work partner, Cherie

 With the design team, Lewis, Dale and Ammanda

Lovely team at Innovation Kitchen. Oh how I’ve missed them!

Whilst in Singapore, managed to catch up with the high school bunch from Wesley in KL.

It’s been 8 long years!

Changi Airport | The very final day that we kiss goodbye to our 3 months experience/

Right after Singapore, it was en-route to Taiwan and Philippines.

Stay tuned!


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