DIY Photo Light Box

My passion for photography grows every minute. Even though I am no professional photographer, I have always wanted my very own studio with the necessary lighting equipment for a nice photo-shoot. Of course, it wasn’t possible as I live a nomadic life in London, having to move every 9 months. Painful. While browsing through Pinterest earlier today, I stumbled across this tutorial pin of a DIY photo light box, which looked so legit *lightbulb*

DIY Photo Light Box tutorial by Ninth & Bird

Legit it was. Since I love DIY projects, I gave it a go without hesitation

The materials needed to build this simple light box.

I tweaked the box a little bit since I only have scrap card board boxes laying around and replaced the white muslin fabric with white tissue paper (not the ones to blow your nose silly!)

My version of the DIY Photo Light Box

 Work in progress..

Work in progress 2..

The final product.

Cut out sides and top of the body sealed with one layer of tissue paper to spread out the lighting

Flimsy and doesn’t appeal aesthetically but it gets the job well done so far

 Up-close shots of the subjects within my version of the DIY Photo Light Box

All photos taken with the iPhone 5 camera

What do you think? :)



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  1. Wow! Been wanting to get one those light boxes but thanks to you I finally found out how to DIY my very own! Really good way to save $$!


  2. Good to know! Nice to recycle and put scraps to good use, and taking on DIY projects feel rewarding once it's complete. Good luck with it! x


  3. Yay, great results!


  4. @Kate did you manage to complete it? Post your results as well! :)


  5. The photos turned out so well. Good job!


  6. @Carissa,
    Thanks darling! You should make one too especially with so much photography going on with you :)


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