Visiting Kulturen in Lünd, Sweden


Continuing the second part of my one-day visit to Sweden, the next and final stop was Kulturen, one of the oldest open-air museum slash village in Sweden showcasing preserved medieval buildings and crafts from over hundreds of years ago. It’s like re-living medieval times once again.



From within one of the preserved buildings

These houses back then were built to a restricting height as people that time were like dwarfs.

I’m not much taller than 5 feet imagine these little people! How adorable.

There were craftsmanship of all sorts left in the village, from toys to tools, and even clogs.

It takes about an hour to view each and every building within the museum. More like a day out in the park

Having ended the one-day visit to Sweden in Kulturen, we boarded a cruise back to Copenhagen and briefly dropped by a cool independent store, called Nag

There’s another cool store in Copenhagen that you may want to have a look at.


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