A Day In Malmö, Sweden

…continuing my Scandinavian blog entries, this post entails my journey from Copenhagen to Malmö, Sweden on a fine sunny day. We boarded the famous Öresund high speed train from Copenhagen (the name of the station is buried too deep in my mind unfortunately).

The journey was remarkably pleasant with comfortable seats despite the speed its going. What’s more spectacular is the fact that the train goes through a bridge crossing the sea, as well as through an underwater tunnel connected to it! It’s not what you think though, like an aquarium display with fishes swimming around. Replace all of that with concrete walls.

The Øresund Bridge [photo]

Not quite the same as the station of departure in Copenhagen

Malmö certainly looks futuristic underground!

A creative way to welcome visitors at touch down; projection of images on the vast concrete walls

in the underground station to educate us on Sweden’s culture

Walked our way towards the Malmö Museum in Malmöhusvägen, the oldest surviving Renaissance castle

Cosy outdoor cafe hidden in the lush greens of Malmö Museum

Mini post cards at the check out of museum shop. They certainly have a flair for certain types of art.

Jace and I

Spotted this incredibly pleasant stretch for a stroll

Walking into the Slottsmöllan park

Hopped on the train to the city of Lünd

The Lünd Cathedral

A city full of its own character, so much history and culture to learn for a third world citizen like me. Certainly captivated by the beautiful landscapes and architecture or preserved creations. Next stop would be Kulturen, one of the top sites in Lünd. More photos coming up in the next post :)


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  1. Beautiful pictures! Can I know what filter are you using for editing?


  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you. There's no preset filters that I use, they are processed individually on Photoshop, main tweaks here are the gamma correction, contrast, colour saturation and vibrance.


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