Attractions in Copenhagen

The second post on my trip to Copenhagen in the summer.

Once again, all photos were taken with the Fujifilm X100.

Here’s the start of the attraction trailing, beginning with Langelinie.

Took a bus down to Langelinie, a famous tourist stop over to a famous attraction

The Little Mermaid by Sculptor Edvard Eriksen

I was told that people from all over travel across the ocean to visit the mermaid sculpture. The story behind this was nothing fascinating unfortunately and does not live up to the hype (from what I read on Wikipedia). Rather disappointed.

Walked past a beautiful landscaped garden by the pier in Langelinie

Coming to another sculpture of the Danish King Frederik IX along Nordre Toldbod

I must say this is quite a beautiful and lavish fountain – Gefion Foutain

It was a short walk towards the inner city where I stopped by the Marble Church in Frederiksgade

They call it the Marmorkirken

Amalie Garden on the Waterfront at Amaliehaven

I watched the change of guards at the Amalienborg palace just around the corner and I thought it was nothing spectacular, like all other change of guards. Needless for photos. Just imagine the London guards with their tall furry hats, but in blue uniform.

Jace in touch with his artsy side at Kongens Nytorv

Strutting like I could fall over but I didn’t

Danish people love their art and structures don’t they

 Finally arrived at the popular destination – Nyhavn

Where all the Copenhagen postcard’s all about; colours of the paint look so vivid like miniature display models

This place really is busy, packed with tourists looking for the best restaurants along the canal. Food isn’t too expensive, around the average of £10-15 per platter. Quite a wonderful experience if accompanied with sunshine and street musicians.

The trail topped off with a canal boat ride passing the Royal Danish Playhouse

Trailing continues in the upcoming post.


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