Hello Copenhagen

I have finally finished my final piece of work as a MSc student in Imperial College few weeks ago, yippee! ..and therefore treated myself to a holiday in Copenhagen. I was in dire need of a quick getaway out of England and thankfully, I received my passport from the UK Home Office early September after waiting 6 months for my work visa application to be issued. That took half a year! Anyways, I’m glad to be officially a post-postgraduate and embark on this much needed little city break as ‘self-employed’ at the moment.

Heathrow Terminal 5, brand new and clean. Love it
All photos taken with my new Fujifilm X100

London from up above

Arrival at the Copenhagen Airport

My humble abode near town center for the entire trip.

A personal Danish home being rented through Airbnb site.

All hotels were majorly booked & I managed to get a pretty good deal from Airbnb at rather last minute

A baby grand piano. Woops! Time to practice my rusty fingers.

Lounge area

Rooftop balcony

On the upper deck. Definitely my favourite part of the house.

Neighbourhood in Thomas Laub Gade, Copenhagen

People here cycle everywhere. That’s their main mode of transport, its so healthy I wish I could cycle in London without worrying to die being hit by the red London bus in narrow lanes. The death rate of cyclists in London is at an average of 15 deaths and 300 injuries per year  =/

Taking the walk further out from the neighbourhood to an amazing astro turf in Fæelledparken

Inside the Østerbro Stadion, Gunnar du Hansens Plads

The Østerbro Stadion

At dusk | Sankt Jacobs Kirke / St. James Church

On the day of arrival, Copenhagen seemed like a smaller town than what I had expected, much smaller than London. It also looks rather populated with Americans, influenced by some of its culture and therefore most locals speak American English despite being so close to England. I heard the local Danish radio stations play Katy Perry (typical) and other American songs, and they do no censor ‘fuck’ from it. Makes it awkward when the boyfriend’s parents are listening to it as well. My neighbourhood and other nearby residential areas have been very quiet, not as happening as its name may sound. I have met some nice people in the trains to help out with directions (they happen to be Americans and Canadians, so pick at random and you get a 50 50 chance of getting an American instead of Danish) but that’s about it on the first day. More comments about the people and culture in the upcoming posts.



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  1. That's why you should always wear a helmet when you ride a bicycle :)


  2. @Lance,
    With a helmet I would likely survive and also, maybe end up with a handicapped arm. City biking, not gona take any chances.


  3. Hi.

    I just found your blog by taping in Google 'Middlesex University Graduation'. I just started study there, I hope that I made a good choice. Could you tell me what have u studied there and how was it?
    Sorry for thaking your time. ;)


  4. @Monia,

    Hi there! First off, congrats on your admission to Middlesex Uni :) I was at Middlesex for 2 years doing BA Business Administration so I'm based at the Hendon campus. Just in the last few years the uni has gone through quite a drastic change, improving the library system and building a whole new art campus next to the Quad. This uni's good as they are heavily investing in its facilities to improve studying conditions and students satisfaction. My lecturers were mostly quite good and helpful. I still remember two distinct lecturers, Mr Emad (Accounting) and Dr Nathalie van Meurs (business subject which I forget the title). These two were among the best teachers so you should go for the subjects if its an elective. Standards of education is not set very highly so if you work hard for it, you'll definitely get a first class (make use of the library since it's new!) The clubs and societies however aren't very active (except for some Pakistani society), so if you're entrepreneurial enough you could make it good :) In terms of making friends, Middlesex is one of those where students hang in groups, mostly with the same race or country. So in that sense, people are quite inward. Overall I think the uni has a great potential to improve and you'll probably like it if you have a group of nice friends :) Hope you enjoy your time and all the best in your studies!


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