Lake District

Continuing my journey in Lake District on the very last day.

Here is the last batch of beautiful photos of the place.

The beauty of nature | Passing by towards Keswick

Overlooking the serene beauty of hilly Keswick lake.

So pure and green it swear it corrected my blurred vision a little

My little model of the day

I had to hike a good 5 minutes to get to the top of the hill

And another 10 minutes avoiding wet bombs everywhere from these silly little twits

Headed down to the happening town of Windermere where all tourists go to

Traveling buddies doing what we Asians do best

A chopped trunk embodied with coins

Hired a boat to tour around Lake Windermere. Didn’t need a license for it :)

Travel buddies

So happens the famous author, Beatrix Potter used to live in a farm house in Windermere

Popped by her place and got myself a little Peter Rabbit figurine

Tour around the land of Britain isn’t complete without English tea

Had some delicious tea cakes and scones

Served by Sawrey Hotel tea house in Windermere

Fantastic place for a cuppa tea with a breathtaking view! 5 star countryside experience.


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