Borough Market, London Bridge

A day out with my Fujifilm X100 camera.
As promised in the previous unboxing post, here’s some original sample images.
23 floors up in Guy’s Hospital @ London Bridge
View through a dirty glass window so it’s not the X100’s fault for the bad quality
Popped by Borough Market to grab some food freshly cooked in the morning
As a newbie, I hardly know how to master the shots
I used F2.8 aperture setting with automatic shutter speed, and an exposure between -1 and +1
Subject in focus.
Great depth of field for this retro looking camera considering it’s not quite an SLR
I messed up the focus on this one as I forgot to adjust the manual focus spot to the basket of oranges
Vivid colours of the Union Jack
Quality of colours and contrast looks amazing both on camera and on screen
With the low battery red indicator flashing, I had no time to adjust my focus nor aim properly
And this time with my finger obstructing the lens in bottom right corner. pfft
One of a kind stall – Gamston Wood Farm that stocks exotic meat.
Ostrich egg! Who’d eat that? It could fit a newborn baby in there
The X100 managed to capture the shape of the moon quite distinctively but with a bit of glare
Try with your iphone and you can see how crap it turns out
It’s a shame I had to go out with a battery that’s almost drained completely as I spent the entire day outdoors walking through Hyde Park, Mayfair, and Oxford Street. Fret not, all upcoming pictures will be from the X100. Copenhagen in a week, am so psyched! Can’t wait to try out the camera and bring back lotsa beautiful photos.


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  1. I like the watermark! It adds a touch of class~


  2. I suppose from now on there'll be watermarks in all my photos :)


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