Unboxing Fujifilm X100

As promised, here’s the unboxing post of the latest addition to my gadget collection – Fujifilm Finepix X100. I bought this fine piece at retail price of £649 from John Lewis in Brent Cross with a one year warranty. I have had no problems buying (and returning) items from John Lewis and they have the best policy by far.
I was not pleased however when the salesman handed me the box, which looked poorly handled with a rip on the cover showing a sign of attempt to open the box. Definitely not in mint condition. They only had one left in stock so I had to take it as it is, no discounts given. A bit of a contradiction to what I said about John Lewis earlier.
Inside the box comes two other boxes
One for the camera
The insides though, were fine and kept in great condition with a foam sheet protecting the camera.
The other box for the accessories and manuals
Accessories included: BC-65S battery charger, lithium battery NP-95, black leather strap, USB cable, and a strap clip for the sides of camera
Lens cap comes attached with the camera, holds well and silently without a ‘click’ or ‘thump’
From left: the hot shoe, shutter speed dial, shutter button, and exposure dial
The red flick with an arrow is the viewfinder selector, to switch between the the electronic viewfinder (EVF) and the optical viewfinder (OVF) that you peep through on the top right corner. So far having tested the camera for three days, I find myself using the LCD screen most of the time as the photo you see is most accurate and similar to the final product. I like the idea of having the hybrid viewfinder (it’s really cool you have to see it in person) but it strains my eyes to have to wink and eventually view the photo on LCD screen to get an actual idea of what it looks like.
Hybrid viewfinder on the top left corner with accurately sensitive eye sensor next to it.
The camera’s backside
Oh did I mention, the X100 is actually a relatively large and heavy compact camera.
It weighs almost 4 times the weight of iPhone 4 at 445gm. But then again, for the price I paid,
I prefer something reasonably substantial to hold rather than a slim gimmick.
More than double the width of the iPhone 4
..but still looks good on a girl ;)
My iPhone case is looking terrible and in dire need of a new replacement
The package didn’t come with a case so I bought a brown hard PU leather case from Amazon for £20
Would have gotten the genuine Fuji leather case similar to this if it didn’t cost a bomb, a whopping £100
Neat stitching work
Two parts leather case with magnet seal. Great for snapping photos on the go while the base is still attached
It moulds around the camera quite beautifully and firmly
For a quarter of the original’s price, why would I not get one that functions almost the same?
Sample shots taken in the next post in Borough Market, London
For more reviews and sample photos, have a look at Minimally Minimal blog. Great shots!

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