Up North in Carlisle

We’ve come a long way to Lake District, and since we hired a car, driving further up north doesn’t seem outrageous. Though I had to be convinced to give up a day in Lake District as the drive to our destination – Carlisle – isn’t as short as I expect. Little did I know, the site that my travel buddy suggested is one of Unesco’s World Heritage site. What the heck, it’s somewhere I’d probably see once and for all so might as well ‘get it out of the way’. That’s how I see it, yes, a chore.
Next destination: Birdoswald Roman Fort in Carlisle.
Entry fee: £5.20 (Adult), £4.70 (Concession)
Roman army training for the little ones, just to have some fun
Get to fiddle around with some Roman toys. It’s a skull work out weight I tell ya
People just love traveling with dogs. They were everywhere we went. This one’s a motherly Beagle
The Hadrian’s Wall path built by the Romans as a defensive border over 1000 years ago!
The scenery sitting on top of the wall. Simply. Breath-taking
Stepping on the border between England and Scotland
2 hours was sufficient so we headed to the town center of Carlisle where the castle was located
Carlisle Castle
Unfortunately it was closed for visitors when we arrived
Admiring the beauty on the outside wasn’t too bad
Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery
Pretty. Pretty plain. Pretty dead
Carlisle Cathedral

Carlisle town information centre

Was a pleasant stroll through the beautiful in/outdoor town mall

And that was it. One full day up in Carlisle and sufficient enough to not regret being there for too long or too brief. Also, the drive back to Lake District got pretty tricky and dangerous after sunset. So leave before dinner!

Next up: More on Lake District



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  1. These photos are amazing. What camera do you use?


  2. Thank you. They were taken with the Canon Ixus 100 IS, 12.1MP. Pictures didn't look THAT great once transfered onto computer so I've done some editing with the contrast and colours. However pictures in the bottom half with a bigger width ratio had lesser editing as the settings on the camera were different and produced a more crisp effect. Overall it's a decent basic compact camera though :)


  3. Oh wow, you have crazy good editing skills. Maybe you should do a youtube tutorial on photo editing.


  4. Also what photo editing software do you use? Love your blog btw!


  5. The way I edit isn't the professional way it can be embarrassing to teach people like that :p

    This is the secret recipe to my photographs.


    Enjoy :)


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