Serene Beauty of Lake District

As we all have imagined, England’s a beautiful and serene place. Parks, hills, lakes, mountains, and all that greenery nicely exfoliated with sheep dung. Just after the Olympics opening ceremony, I decided to take a break from London to have a taste of true England. Went up north, to Lake District.
Upon arrival..
Had my first award winning Cumberland sausage from the northern part of England
Café Oswald’s at Cranstons
Inn On The Lake. That’s the name of the hotel, beautiful and posh
Surroundings so beautifully maintained
By Lake Ullswater
Yours truly
Travel buddy Felicia intending to “fake it”
Passing by on a foggy morning
The Woodsworth Hotel & Spa, Grasmere
Upon arrival in Grasmere
A must pit-stop to make – the original Grasmere gingerbread house
Each gingerbread costs 50p. It’s pretty good however a little too sweet for my liking
Sheep represent
A flock of duckies
I had to bypass tons of duck poo for this shot
Staying the night at YHA Patterdale hostel.
8 bunk beds in the room, pretty spacious and decent.
Catch is, you got to put on the sheets yaself, and remove it at the end.
Till then. Next post where I’ll go even further up north.

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