When-Looking-Up Series

On this fine Friday afternoon, I decided to compile this series of photos I have been snapping throughout spring and barely there summer. All photos are snapped through the eensy-weensy iPhone 4 lens.
God’s showing us his amazing painting skills on his great canvas
Nature does wonders. Strange isn’t it?
One good eye spotted a Vodka bottle
The Erratic British Summertime
“if you don’t embrace the rain, you will never get the rainbow”
The Erratic British Summertime II
All in the course of five minutes
Our version of blooming Sakura ; only a little dead
The sky dipped in hues of blue x purple ombre
The legendary mystical ancient Chinese creature of God ; Chinatown
The queen of all cats doing what she likes – people watching ; Soho
Work of an artist to amuse the passing eyes ; Poland St
Sturdy English building still standing ; Warrant Street
The model of houses
Getting ready for Olympics ; Leicester Square
The national museum on a mystical morning ; South Kensington
The London sky seems to love looking purply very often.
Now why you looking up you little rascal?
Have a good Friday the 13th everyone.


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  1. Great photos! Love the last one, what a cutie pie ;-)


  2. Thanks darling. He's quite the little charmer isn't he :)


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