Fuerteventura Finale

I realised that some awesome photos that I took from my trip to Fuerteventura last winter has yet to be
posted and I thought it has to be seen! My style of blogging as usual, captions along the way as you read.
Another day of adventurous driving around the island in the midst of desert and volcanos
I feel so lucky to have driven past this place. The best view in the entire island..!
Unfortunately I don’t remember the name and can’t figure out exactly where with Google map either
Just around the corner we stopped the vehicle aside as soon as we saw how surreal the view looked.
Like a backdrop with natural lightings and solid new black tars. We were ready for a photo shoot.
Yours truly doing the photo elevating trick.
Oasis Park in La Lajita
This female baboon was craving for some male company and became so vicious and mental
whenever I approach him. I suppose she was trying to make him her territory.
I personally dislike this zoo. It seems more of a prison than a park for these animals.
Their habitats were not properly maintained and there was very little space to move about.
No wonder these animals go crazy. Poor poor animals.
Dozens of flamingos were put in an open space. So pink yet so lazy.
Aww, cutie camel. I heard camels tend to spit quite a lot though. Huge gamble for a shot really.
In the botanical gardens.
First time I was targeted as the “volunteer” for a reptile show in a zoo. Never in my life I touched
a snake and shall never do it again. It all happened because I ran all over the compound when
they came around the spectators seats with snakes in their hands. Serves me right.
Upon approaching the coast of Gran Tarajal further down south.
A tiny and peaceful non-touristy town where most fisherman works at.
The centre of attraction in Gran Tarajal is the beautiful fountain with six seahorses spitting :)
Will never forget this sign that I drive past everyday
Strolling on the beautiful beach back in Corralejo near Hotel Riu Palace by the FV-1 highway
Ocean so clear and blue with waves enough to flush you down with the tide but not enough to drown you
The elevating trick. Beautifully done.
If it wasn’t for the chilly wind I would’ve had a dip.
By the beach is the extreme opposite, the sand dunes.
A place so sacred and unexplored I’m glad to have left traces of my exploration there.
The sit up elevating trick. with a splash of sand ;)
Freely cartwheeling on the soft bed of sands.
Walking on soft sinking sands overlooking the North Atlantic ocean. That was a moment of a lifetime.
I enjoy ruining the patterns on the sands like how people love blowing at dandelions.
Probably the best leisure sports I’ve done so far – sand boarding.
No worries about getting injured. But for next time I should remember to close my mouth :D
Love it so much there’s bound to be another sand boarding trip in future!

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