London Southbank Festival

Terrific weather last weekend and decided to pop by London Southbank
for some food, festival, and fun :)
By the River Thames
Nearby at the Royal Festival Hall, there’s the Real Food market.
If you’re there, you must try out the roasted hog!
Stall full of cheese. Food there seems pretty authentic.
Delicacy from English, Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish and even Malaysian cuisine! Slurp
Ended up having the roasted hog burger and some arabic wraps. Me gusta
I had no idea about Churros prior to this I thought they were chips dipped in chocolate.
They were so goood! But 4 quid for that was quite a rip off.
The Hungerford Bridge
Mr Smith & I
Perfect weather to go up on the London Eye
That’s when the wayfarer comes in handy. Me gusta.
The County Hall Marriott by river thames
And there’s the Udderbelly Festival. Psyched! By the way, that’s not a penis with eyes.
Part of the section of the Udderbelly – the London Wonderground
I’m so going to have a drink on those bumper cars station again next week!
With lovely Eevon visiting again :)
Dined at Barshu, Soho later that day.
This Sichuan cuisine is the bomb : spicy and sour sea bass, deep fried chicken with dried chilis,
and sliced pork in Sichuan sauce. The best delicacy to top all that food and fun I’ve had on the day.
If you think Wagamama’s katsu curry is spicy, you haven’t tasted the real spicy.
Ooh ooh.. Popped by L’Eto Caffe for some dessert.
I haven’t tried most of their selections but the Green Tea Cheesecake
and Blackforrest Meringue was oh yums!


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  1. Looks like so much fun :-)

    All the food looks amazing!


  2. awesome pictures lahhhhh!


  3. @bleufleur
    So much good food even a thousand stomachs cant eat em all..! :)

    Thanks budddy! :) Didn't know you blog :p


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