Fuerteventura Escapade

Hi again! I miss keeping my blog up to date. Life is London is pretty fast paced as usual. Anyway, from where I left off in the previous post, there’s a lot more amazing photos of my holiday trip to Fuerteventura yet to be posted. Now that it’s Easter break…
Oh, Happy Easter everyone! 
Yes, I was saying.. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do :)
I’ve done so much driving in this little island. So glad I braved myself into driving this rented manual car in a country that I’m completely unfamiliar with. You need a car in Fuerteventura.
Along the way, most of the things you see are either abandoned buildings like that or dead volcanoes.
Blessed with beautiful sunny weather. We had to stop by, a lot.
It’s Mr Jc in action again. We shall name this shot “The Gallop”.
Dried shells with a monster lurking in the background. Looks like one of those alien shots.
This shall be named “The Desert Bot”
Lovely scenery isn’t it.
The views so breathtaking it makes the subject look good ;)
This shot was captured in Villaverde
Next stop: La Oliva
The iconic La Oliva church
The Asian Godzilla
I actually felt like I was on the moon feeling very patriotic.
 Wasn’t much around this little town so moving on, we drove to the north west of the island.
Beautiful Cotillo2
Sweet little Spanish getaway inn of Cotillo
That’s what I call a breathtaking view. But this photos missing something, even better…
…and it’s US! :)
My little emotional John.
Great spot for hide and seek, as long you’ve got a good stable grip :p
This used to be a observational building back in the day. I think.
The Dried Starfish
Ah… yet another breathtaking view. But then again, it’s missing something…
…and it’s us again! :)
People should appreciate what mother nature has blessed us with. I’m content with this.
Next stop: to the volcanoes.
Look at that! Dried lava from a long long time ago…
Little Johnny couldn’t resist climbing all the way up to the top of the volcano, feeling like Deadmau5
..while I’m kinda stuck in the middle on my way up. It’s some steep shieet yeah.
I can kind of say I’ve been to the mini Grand Canyon in Spain.
I’ve got one last set of photos saved up for the next blog post. Till then…
Enjoy the holiday season and have a good time!


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  1. hi,

    i luv to see u blog with nice pic..anyway your face look like this popular malays blog her name Hanis Zalika


    both of u gorgeous *_*


  2. Thanks Noniey :) Although I disagree I look as good as Hanis. :p


  3. i love reading ur blog. founf this blog when i wanna google about Lo Angeles to visit my sister there. When i read it i feel like goint to those places but im scared to travel alone.


    • Hi Amy,

      Los Angeles is a fun place. With your sister there, it should make your visit all the more easier. Traveling alone, sometimes, opens up opportunity for different experiences. Try it once, you’ll not regret it :-)


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