El Campanario, Corralejo

Aloha people! So I have been awol for a month and a half since my last post. Kind of missed blogging a little (actually there’s tonnes of photos awaiting!). So much has happened during this period. From exams to traveling to Malaysia and Singapore and back to London, and not to mention a new term has begun in Imperial for us postgrads.
Fancy being in a sunny paradise-like island far away from the overcrowded boring scenery of your town? Maybe these photos of mine would take you there, photos from my trip to Fuerteventura last December which I have yet to post. Sit back, relax, and scroll.
Strolling around Corralejo town, that’s where I lodged
A wonderful and relaxing stroll down to El Campanario mini shopping town
Arriving at the vibrant and lovely town of El Campanario where mosts tourists in Corralejo go to
Bazaars. Yay!
Sometimes I find these flea markets more interesting to look at than high street shops
Lovely little enclosed aisles of El Campanario
Look at those miniature hand made clay souvenirs, how lovely
So much fun activities around here for both adults and kids
A great place to visit during weekends. Relaxing is the new fun.
On that very day the locals had a little event going on broadcasted on national televsion
Just made the place a lot livelier giving me the boost of a holiday mood :)
Sweet sweet ass in disguise
They brought a camel along too. Haa. They always have a straight face. Love it.
One of those photos I’d frame up and hang on my bedroom wall
El Campanario by night. I can be dreadfully silent.
If you fancy a quiet and romantic walk at night, here’s the perfect place for you and your partner
During the day we made our usual walks around the town of Corralejo
Fuerteventura’s famous for having great surfing schools.
…and Quicksilver too.
Galleria de Art, Corralejo

 Just next to the art gallery there’s this Argentinian restaurant, La Mamma where I tasted one of the best stone-grilled pork ever in my life. Excellent customer service. I initially ordered a platter of grilled pork and it turned out to be too rigid to chew. The waiter said it was the shoulder part and they are meant to have a strong texture but the owner of La Mamma was really nice and apologetic about it and brought the most expensive steak to my table on the house as a goodwill gesture. Unfortunately I don’t eat beef I felt awful I couldn’t accept such a lovely gesture I had to pass. The owner then personally cooked another pork dish called the Siberian secret cut and served the platter on my table to my surprise. It was the best, and I mean the best pork I have ever tasted so far. I insisted to pay for the meal but overpowered by the nicest chef slash owner ever. La Mamma, highly recommended.
Mr Jace standing by the isolated houses around the town of Corralejo
Love the iconic little blue Spanish door
Pretty cool sand art. And a super cute doggie standing by it, aww…
Now this is way cooler.
Coolest art of all.. Except it’s only going to sink further.
Beautiful scenery.
That little mountain across the ocean right there, that’s Lobos island. Another paradise.
Now wakey wakey! Time to get back to reality. Hope you enjoyed going on a virtual tour.
Or maybe you should book yourself a little getaway soon? Trust me. This place is worth a visit.
Next post will convince you even more, loadsa photos coming soon :)


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  1. All your peektures are nicely taken! good shots!


  2. Thanks love. Hope you enjoyed em :)


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