Fuerteventura, Spain

Following the previous post, here comes the first entry of my trip to Fuerteventura, Spain.
The entire 7 day trip costs £300 in total, including flight, accommodation, and expenses.
What a bargain!
Yet another budget trip since Majorca last summer *bliss* :)
My first time traveling with Ryanair. I’ve had a bad feeling about this..
The tranquil lands of Britain 
Arriving at our destination, the Martian lookalike land
As if somebody played The Sims on this piece of deserted land.
Road trip down to Corralejo, one of the few major towns in the entire island
One of the main roads around Corralejo
Our 3 star self-catered apartment, Brisamar
I initially booked to stay in Playa Park Club, few minutes drive away from Brisamar Hotel. Upon arrival at Playa Park reception, the staff started waffling about then broke the news and said they were fully booked for the week and we would be ‘upgraded’ and transferred to stay in Brisamar instead. Fully booked? We booked it too and we’re the unfortunate one to be pushed about. It was rather shocking that they seem to have arranged everything without informing us, let alone consulting. Staff was not apologetic at all as if we had to follow his order to be transferred to another hotel. Manager was not around either to deal with this issue. It looks to me what seems like a normal procedure that they push customers to another hotel without permission. We didn’t have a choice but to move to Brisamar, which I don’t think is an upgrade considering it looks pretty much the same however I rather stay there due to excellent customer service and better location. All in all, no regrets being transferred to Brisamar. Playa Park Club, extremely poor customer service.
Apartments in Brisamar
One bed apartment on the lower and two bed on the upper
Huge swimming area, and jacuzzi too
Sunny day in the town of Corralejo, full of British and German tourists
Weather has been good throughout, sunny spells but extremely strong winds it gets very chilly at night.
Definitely need sweaters and jackets
Beautiful yellow cubicle houses
One of the few grills restaurant that we have yet to try out
la Dolve Vita, yet to try that but been highly recommended by the local Spanish
Las Palmeras local shopping centre 1 minute away from our hotel
Not fully opened during non-peak times. Got a couple of shops like Zara and Natura.
Very fancy decorations unfortunately not many to showcase to
 Last photo of the day before I catch some sleep.
With Yellowphant :)

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