Life as a Postgraduate in Imperial College London

Yoohoo! I seem to always say this at the beginning of every blog post but I am finally back! Although this would be a really quick update of what’s been going on with my awesome/mundane life (you can circle which you think is the best answer).

Back to good old London after a superb summer break in Malaysia with family and friends. Now, it’s all about dealing with builders and estate agents, calling up customer services that put you on hold for ever, waiting weeks to set up internet connection at home, maid-less, life within boxes, books, commuting the dirty old London underground during rush hour, the list goes on. Back to reality.

But it’s not all that bad. First day being in Imperial College as a postgraduate seems to be rather fun and welcoming. People were nice, lecturers are great. It’s all that matters. To top that off….

Guess what was in the welcome pack Imperial gave us?

Yes, the friggin iPad 2 for every student in my particular course!
This would be my official token of appreciation to Imperial Business School,
and program director Colin Love who made this all happen. Thank you! 

This issue made the front page of our university papers.
My course would be the first batch ever to receive the iPad 2.
It really is due to the nature of my course, penless and paperless.
Sorry to the rest of postgrads but it really wasn’t our fault we got the ipad. 

My lovely group mates for the rest of the term, from all over the world.
Malaysia, Sweden, France, Malta, Mexico, Thailand. Love em to bits!

See the smile there? :)
Really, this is what we do at the beginning of every class.
Scanning the QR code is like punching your card at work.

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