Zouk, Kuala Lumpur

This would be one of those rare posts of me clubbing. Yes clubbing! Only on very rare occasions do I club. In my last two years living in London, I went to a club twice. In my entire life living in Malaysia, I clubbed less than ten times. Oh, did I bore you? Sorry if I have preference for a healthier life, sober and looking good than drunk and wasted, and perhaps a shorter life.
Anyways. Time to loosen up those rusty limbs!
Phuture. Glad I don’t have to get sandwiched by sweaty and smelly people.
Myself, Brian, Eevon.
The peepole from kay elle! in Barsonic.
Myself, Vivian, Eevon,  Sabrina
All the people from abroad gathered together on a happy night.
Eevon, Myself, Jee, Julian.
Cheeckkk that (Ashvin) out.
My boys from Peejay.
I was told I have very good blood circulation.
Viva la noche!


Myself, Brian, Eric.
I feel sooo……. constipated!
*all photo credits to miss Eevon and her awesome camera*
Photobucket PhotobucketYet another session at Zouk. Myself, Simmy, Wern, Pinyu.

With the party goers, Ezra and King.

They were indeed good times. Little did I know what was ahead of me after two Friday nights in Zouk. I ended up in a state of coma for one whole week in bed, and two weeks after with recurring cough and sore throat. Three weeks of being ill, unable to enjoy outdoors, this is why clubbing got me paranoid. Anyhoo, I had a good time so time you enjoy is not a waste of time.
Playing – Memories by David Guetta ft Kid Cudi

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