Toy Camera | Polaroid 9.6

I’ve been fiddling around with couple of new camera/photo editing apps since I discovered them not long ago. If you are never satisfied with original photos and love editing them, or have a knack for lomography and filters with vintage or retro touch to it, look no further. Try out Toycamera Analogcolor, yet another great production of Japan.
Several preset filters to choose from and manual settings as well
Another feature I love about this app is the “cover open” option.
It adds some leak to your photo to make it all look retro.
Here are some self shots I edited with Toycamera, my favourite filter process type 2
But of course, you get watermarks with most free apps.
Polaroid 9.6 app
Another app I love using if I feel like making my own instax films, soft copy of course.
Made to function like a real polaroid camera. No editing functions. Random filters.
Just drag and drop. Wait for it to process like a real instax camera.
Voila! My very own digital instant film


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  1. You are GORGEOUS! x3 the pics Cool app :)


  2. mashaallah! what a beautiful face you have,shelyn! subhanallah!..


  3. @Lancelot, @aku



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