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Hello bloggers, hello photographers, hello iphone users, and hello non-IGers!
I have been using Instagram (IG) for 10 months now and I must say…
I’m lovin it even more!
It is the treasure that documented snapshots of my life, all kept neatly in one place. I would definitely recommend Instagram to anybody, because it beautifies your photos with their preset filters :) Most of my photos that I have since the past year are taken with the iphone camera and later edited with and uploaded to my Instagram. So I chucked my now made redundant Canon Ixus 65 away (although they’re more realistically ideal for better quality photo). Just so you know, Instagram app is only available for iPhone users, unfortunately for you Androids and Blackberries.. Here’s the snapshots of the few Instagram profile web viewers slash managers that can make your IG experience all the better.
The best IG web manager by far if you like analytics.
Not only does it let you browse photos uploaded from around the world,
it gives you in-depth statistics of your own Instagram profile. Also, I rate
the minimalist style and approach.
One of the few statistics given on my Statigram.
Photo view on Statigram
A very simple and basic IG photo viewer
No features to manage your comments and likes however
This would probably be the second best IG web viewer
Does not provide statistics like Statigram but has all the fundamental features of IG
I prefer this the least because not only it does not have most IG features,
it is limited to the photo slider navigation when browsing through photos.
In short, it lags.
This would be my most preferred site.
Simply because it is easy, minimal, has grid view, and I love dark themes ;)
Does looking at the collage of your memories all kept safely in one place
tempt you to get an iPhone now? (Highly doubt it’ll be as good on non-apples)
Just Do It.
Oh and did I mention.
Instragram app is free!


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  1. Felt like I was sitting through a PP Presentation :P

    Instagram should hire you!


  2. @Lancelot,

    Haha oops, I didn't mean to appear that way. In fact I thought it was personal enough for me to share what I use! :p


  3. I know that you don’t say “hey bud, i’m sorry but you took these photos and you’re such a loser you’ll be forever alone if u don’t do what i said xoxo”. buy instagram likes spread


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