Superb Tioman Vacay

I was on a roll with my sweet local getaways last two month. Shortly after my Penang and Bangkok trip, in no time I found myself backpacking and bussing my way to the sacred Tioman Island, located on the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia. A budgeted trip it was, my friends and I stayed in Salang Sayang Resort, not the best in terms of facilities and lavishness.
The experience, however was, one word. Wicked.
God blessed us with a bright sunny day
Riding along the island up north towards our resort
The legendary Dragon’s Horn, or as we locals call it, Chula Naga.
Arriving at our Salang pier
That, however is not our resort. Perhaps a part of their residence.
This was taken at the end of the trip. I looked kinda tanned even when shaded, don’t I?
Tioman trip buddies
Salang isn’t quite like the rest out there.
It ain’t lavish like Berjaya Resorts, however because it is situated at the tip of the island, this beach is considered sacred and non-commercialised (google it) although there can be quite a few foreigners staying there rather than locals. If you’re looking for a spa or jacuzzi for a dip and some champagnes for a sip, then this isn’t the place for you. Salang provides you with the basic needs for a rather relaxed vacation, topped off with the very down to earth Four S bar at night where I’ve met a few friendly people from across the globe. Been here three times and loved it to bits, still.
One of the stops during our island hopping spree
From left: Wernie, Daley, Jee, Myself, Jie, Abigail
What a nice photo.
Thank you red towel you couldn’t have chosen a better photo to be in
I really hope you sense the sarcasm otherwise you gota buckle up on your sense of humour!
Water’s so fresh I feel revitalised from drinking it. I always wonder, where does it come from.
It’s like drinking the Elixir of Life from The Sims. lol
Feels amazing to just dip your feet in the natural foot scrub and a little splash to
soothe the burning sensation on your skin from the sun rays. Also, my subdued enjoyment
of a little surprise attack from down below by annoying friends (look bottom right)
Kids having the air Jordan time of their life at the Tioman Island Marine Park where apparently there’s tons of fishes to see. We didn’t have to go that far to see remarkable sea creatures because according to a friend I met in our resort, he spotted a baby 1 metre shark and giant grandpa turtle when snorkelling. And we weren’t there. Dang
Preserved remains of a skinned blow fish
Is this the fish Japs love to eat where it could kill you if not dissected properly?
A little dip without safety jacket is fun.
Somebody needs to reinvent that crotch grabbing life saver.
A little me time to unwind and appreciate mother nature. Awesome
Everybody deserves a sweet experience like this once in a while. Try it.
Done with all the beautiful side of vacation. Now onto vacation nightmares.
Never ever lay about or sun tan on the beach. Sand flies will be your biggest culprit.
Best treatment – aloe vera, anti-inflammatory cream, baking soda and water paste.
Sources: my hours of research and advise from pharmacist
You can say thank you in your hearts now that I’m going to leave you with the
to end with rather than horrible looking insect bites.
Have you ever seen a view like this before? Perhaps.
…and what about this? Bet not. A killer view too sensational.
If the darker shades formed a complete cross, I would say thank you Jesus.

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