A Taste of Bangkok

During my summer holiday back home in Malaysia, a short getaway up north to Bangkok
was inevitable. Which girl wouldn’t want to set foot in Platinum Mall?
Stayed over in Swissotel Nai Lert Park, Bangkok
I would rate it 4★ instead of 5★ as on their website
No Wifi provided for free. They charge RM 50 per hour, insane.
Can somebody tell me what this piece is called? Seen it many times yet clueless.
People say, before hooking up with a Thai girl, INSPECT.
This ladyboy above is way hotter than most girls out there.
Fake > Genuine
A sweet looking ladyboy. Aint he she?
A hot one. Scary how hot they can be.
In between the ladyboys where I got ripped off.
Beware when these drag queens literally drag you for a photo. They cost a bomb.
A little entertainment out of Bangkok city.
Elephant circus for entertainment purposes
These elephants are amazing as to what they are capable of doing/performing.
But they definitely do not deserve to be entrapped and controlled with sharp tools
for as long as they perform, then wither away. Sure they make you laugh. But behind
these talent they have lies the life of a prisoned wildlife. This happens because people
are ignorant and oblivious and they can’t be blamed for not being given the education.
Spread the word.
Sis and a very old and lovely ele
And I managed to capture the slimy thang.
I adore this piece.


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  1. The piece is called “The Creation of Adam” it's a part of the Sistine Chapel painting by Michelangelo :)

    Poor elephants :'[ That's why I don't like the circus.


  2. Those ladyboy pics reminded me of this scene haha


  3. Thank you :)
    eventhough I havent seen that film starring adam sandler that scene itself is pretty funny. thanks for sharing!


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