My Twenty Third Bash

Aloha Everyone!
My birthday was one month ago, yeah you better effing wish me if you haven’t. Joking ;)
Here’s a few lip-smackin piccas.
Oh yeah my Budweiser grill, loves it..!
Homies got me some fine cakes mmmh…
Yours Sincerely, Paul.
Amazingly delicious I cannot think of any substitute for it
…and another. Signature Red Velvet from Hummingbird Bakery
Thank you my lovely fraynns.
Scrumptious? Nuff said.
These are literally the two BEST cakes I have ever had in my life.
More piccas in the next post (halfway falling asleep in my comfy bed atm).
PS: Also, I have unofficially graduated!
Yeah, now you better effing wish me if you haven’t done so.


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  1. They look so good. I bet they tastes better! Everything about you is just nice!! Your friends, house, dogs and even cake. How nice..kekeke


  2. “everything bout you is just nice” i lol-ed at this so hard. haha, but thanks for flattering! And yes you must try those cakes if you have the chance!


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