Genting Highlands Penthouse Suite

While I was back in KL, I made a short trip up to Genting Highlands with family and friends.
Dad got us the Penthouse suite in Highlands Hotel and we couldn’t wait to see it!
Entrance , Lounge
Sitting room, horrible design
There’s 3 bedrooms in the penthouse it’s pretty huge though

If they only had veils around those er… sticks

Make way for the VIPs please :>
I call this the Ugly Arch
They can’t decide if it’s Victorian or Ancient Chinese decor
For some reason I feel fascinated by this lamp…….?
Huge ass window outside the penthouse near the VIP lounge
Apparently all celebrities who come to perform in Genting stays in this room.

The view from our window. Give some attention to the poor cable cars will ya.
It’s that very usual routine when people visit Genting.
Leave your stuffs in the hotel and get your asses out to the casino.
Then you walk far and long, and pass by some barely noticeable pretty things
Oh did I mention, being the only winner that night makes me feel extraordinary?
You guys succcck! @ Candice, Jeng, Jon, Ezra, and Noob.
I would say this photo is rather awesome
Malaysia’s version of Statue of Liberty *proud* I kid.
Not enough of being unoriginal.
Another replica, the Eiffel Tower that they had to label ‘Genting’ in the middle.
Aren’t we Malaysians proud or what? *sob* I kid.
Btw, if you’re interested to read a little about my ghost encounters in
Genting 3 years ago click here. Peace *wink*


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  1. Wow talk about luxurious! What does ur dad do?


  2. will you be staying at the Plaza when u visit NY? ^^


  3. Lance,
    Daddy's a businessman, woot! <:the room was phreee :)
    And no I can't afford to book a room in Plaza, I can use so much of that money in a beach house :)




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