#1 Spot in Penang

Embarked on a remarkable chilled out trip to Penang island with my peeps from college back in Kuala Lumpur (over a month ago). I’ve been there couple of times and every time I do, there is a place where I must visit. The number one spot for chilling out in Penang goes to…..
Sunset Bistro!
I say it is definitely one of the best places to have a drink and smoke some shisha, mingle around with your friends in the perfect ambience with a not too annoying nor loud music playing in the background. A very beautifully decorated bar along the beach, with some fun tree house too. But mind you, high tide comes when night approaches so you can’t soak your feet and fiddle around on the Penang sand.
A beautiful hut
From left: Jee, Myself, Evon, Arielle
From left: Mojo, Eric, Ashvin (David) Blaine, Wernie, Diandren
Shisha here’s RM40/£8 but fuck that. I come here to enjoy the night.
The Lim/Loy family
Mojo: “I’ll be your American boy, American boy…”
The one and only fantastic (and very tall) photog, Vivian.
Me and the girls, wish we could do it again sometime.
Friend of 12 years.
You could check out other images of Sunset Bistro uploaded on google here.
Not an amazing collection, unfortunately.


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  1. Love the new smile! :D Hope you're still taking pictures these days! Getting a DSLR soon!


  2. Didnt think anyone would notice, was the first batch of photos with my smile since last 2 years! Good luck with your SLR and looking forward to seeing beautiful pics on your blog :)


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