Arsenal FC

It’s been a whole month without internet..! Never thought I’d survive well without it. Now I am leeching connection from my university campus for this post, bravo me! Will be getting phone line + tv + broadband installed at home in next two weeks. Patience is Virtue. Let my rants begin.. I miss blogging. I’ve had enough of boring home cook meals. Almost had enough of cooking and cleaning. Hate sorting out home bills, ordering and delivering furnitures, setting up phone lines, and fixing whatever’s down in the flat. Now that it’s all almost done, I have a university job to do in the next couple of weeks. Rants end.
Quick sneak peek of my new flat
Pretty huge for 2 girls huh?
Quick post for now, my visit to the Arsenal home stadium, the Emirates.
Get up north on the Piccadilly line, gets you right to the stadium
Pretty quiet neighbourhood
Ian Wright the footballer or the traveller?
Came the day before the semi-finals premier league tix were sold out.
Bear Hood Got Style
Tots Hood. Aww
Got myself some amazing beanie. They look alot like Mishka’s don’t they?
All under £50 :) Go Gunners!
….and I do think quite ahead of time,
shall I visit home in Malaysia this winter holidays in December? 3 weeks to spend time with family away from ice cold for £650, or stay all alone in the winter holidays do whatever but save £650?


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  1. Nice new place! The kitchen looks really pretty! :)


  2. “semi-finals premier league”…?


  3. come home! lets go yumcha! =)


  4. Lance,
    Yuppers! Thanks!

    I was told that no idea if that was the match they were talking about on 15th Sept. It was Ars v Braga I think.



  5. fuck the arsenal..they can suck my cock


  6. Anonymous,
    if your team was good, you dont have to hate.


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