Old Town of Palma

 Here’s the post as promised! Not impressed with the timing of this blog post since I promised to make an effort to blog twice a week. But 10 days isn’t so bad either, is it. Also because I didn’t get as much feedback as expected so there goes my motivation.

As usual it took me about an hour to edit and post up a set of photos like these. It’s never too much effect in these photos! And if they were, they were meant to look side-effectful, not fake (you know who you are always complaining). Browsing through all these photos gave me sudden flashbacks. Oh dear.. The moment has come again. I miss the holiday so much I could weep to it.

Could imagine myself walking this aisle right now

The building behind the La Seu Cathedral

Plaza Mayor

Pweety flowers. If girls say they don’t like flowers, only reason they say this
is they don’t want the boyfriends to waste money :)

I miss them green windows.

Along Sant Miguel

Perfect place for romantic evening strolls, and for skate boarding

Was exploring the alley ways and narrow lanes in the old town and had some great shopping

sesh. Was recommended by an artist from Veo Art to dine at Simply Fosh which was just

around the corner. Got there, and to my surprise, it looked more like a foshy hotel

lobby (right pic). Can’t afford no dime for this.

Skateboard shop with some fine graffiti

While waiting for the bus back to Palmanova, captured a breathtaking view of the cathedral

You’ve got the mankini, and you’ve got this.

A wonderful trip it was, will definitely come back to see you again Majorca!


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  1. May I ask who took the pictures of you two together? Strangers?


  2. So pretty! May I ask what camera you're using to take these? :D I need to shop for a camera soon


  3. Anonymous,
    Half the time we asked random people to help us with the photos, very nice people everywhere. the other half its self timer! :)

    I used the Canon Ixus 65. Very good for an old model, quite resistant to wear n tear as well. But you need to note most of the photos I enhanced with photo editing.


  4. Lance,
    Oh just so you know its an old model and the MPs aren't very high for photography today. I suggest you get a semi-pro camera. My friends got some and im impressed with the photos they look like an SLR shot.


  5. Ohh I was thinking about getting an SLR but thought it'd be too clunky to carry around while traveling. Which semi-pro camera model does your friend use? And that is some very nice editing! The sky and lighting always look picture perfect! :)


  6. I have very mild editing for them, only fiddle around with color curve and contrast for most. One of my friend has this semi pro Lumix cam, his photos are superbly amazing, check it out – http://fzven.blogspot.com/


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