This Company is a SCAM

I wrote a review few months ago about a phone-unlocking service company called, or used to be known as Unique Phones. I purchased the unlock code for my Blackberry Curve 8520 the first time in January, everything went well and thought I’d give them credits for their service. You can read the review here.
I replaced my Blackberry with a new set due to some problems last month, and I had to unlock it again. I purchased the unlock codes from for the second time, and now I’m writing this to inform everyone that

Unique Phones /


They promised a ‘premium’ service which will deliver my code within 24 hours. The code did not arrive until 7 days later. I canceled my purchase because the code hasn’t arrive after 3 days, but they claimed I am not eligible for a refund because I agreed to the terms. In my defense I argued that they did not comply to their terms with the ’24 hours premium’ service first of all. Secondly, after I canceled the service, the codes arrived. I entered both codes they provided, and it DID NOT WORK. What a joke. I emailed customer service, more than 10 emails in total to clear this up and get a refund. They claimed they have refunded but I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY REFUNDS. I had to check with my bank and was informed clearly that no incoming funds was made by Unique Phones. I emailed them again about this matter, after 5 emails (without their replies), and finally on the 6th email, I received a response saying IF I’M NOT SATISFIED I CAN LODGE A COMPLAINT. To whom did you know? To their complaints department which is just the same. Another joke.

I called their phone numbers several times but NO ONE PICKED UP. I emailed the complaints department more than twice BUT NO RESPONSE. It gets to me so much to actually be conned by a company posing to be official and efficient. They deliberately delay the customers orders and then send invalid codes (I believe), and gain profits by not delivering half the services they promised where people just left it due to the amount of hassle. Never occurred to me this would be a scam as my first purchase with them went okay (that’s why I believe they deliberately ignore half the orders).

I did a research on review sites about the company. Found out I was not the only one to be tricked into such a scam. Hundreds of people had the same experience as I’ve had. You can all read the reviews here:

I take this as my loss and I will never deal with them again. Customer service was extremely bad and rude. Sometimes they don’t reply your emails after several times. Now, they don’t reply at all. My piece of advise, get your phones unlocked in little phone shops where they normally do it for 10pounds. If you had any experience with I’d love to hear your comments.



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  1. Oh daaamn. Now I know to avoid this site…thanks for sharing babe!


  2. Back at you, thanks for spreadin the word around evo!


  3. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Don't feel too bad since you're not the only one tricked out there. Hope this never happens again.


  4. Are u sure this site is a scam..? Some comments were positive in those websites u posted..


  5. Gee the same thing happened to me. Customer support was awful! Couldn't be bothered to hassle them to get my money back, such a waste of my time.


  6. check out the local consumer association in UK near your place and the process to it. make sure you have all the stuff that they sent in black and white. press charges if you have to.

    same applies to Malaysia. if they did this to you, go up to the consumers' association if you've got all the documents in black and white.


  7. my boyfriend works in customer service in msia. it takes only $5 to lodge the complaint. but don't simply go up there unless you're extremely certain that you have everything on your side. they may be able to sue you back for defamation.


  8. Sharon,
    I have everything in black and white and I am sure if I lodge a complaint, they are sure to be in the wrong. But the hassle and time to do all that just for 10 pounds isn't worth it. So i'll just let them off.

    I'm pretty sure it's a scam. They can't be doing the same to every single customer isn't it that will be too obvious. But many other people had the same case as mine.


  9. Hey Peeps, this site is not a scam I know as I worked for them for almost a year until I got fed up with how devious they are. First off the delays are due to the vendors they deal with as they do not produce the codes they just buy them and send them to you. All customer service reps are instructed to ot give refunds and delay responses in the hopes that the code will arrive. they do not process refunds in an expedient manner as all refunds must be approved by email to the CSr which takes 2 weeks as there is only one person who can approve them (the owner of the site) While they portray themselves as some big company they actually operate out of a virtual office with a N.Y. virtual address. All decisins must be made by the site owner who is rarely available to the CSR's. SO you make the decision as far as I am concerned knowing how they operate I would never use them as they are liers and look for anyway to deny you the money you may be owed. as some say in thier post, for 10 pounds its not worth it to go after them, multiply that by hundreds of customers and you can see how much money they make. They rely on human nature to let it go cuz it's a small amount, this is how they make thier money.

    A Former Unique/ Employee


  10. I dont expect anyone to tip off readers with such an experience, esp those who's directly worked for them before. I do believe, after my encounter, that they do not actually have an office, everything is virtual even the phone numbers, or is it not? 10 off every person, nobody really hassles for a refund after months. Thanks for sharing!


  11. Wish I was here before to read that is a 100% scam fraudulent. Recently, had a terrible experience with them, bought a unlocking code for my lg mobile hoping everthing would be fine. Yes, they did send unlocking code after 24 hr but turned out to be FAKE! Now, escalating a claim for total refund through PayPal. What a waste of time, be aware of these loosers!!


  12. Former Employee,
    If you have worked for them before then I'm sure you know their way around things. Would consider it as fraud if they do no fulfill the services paid for. 10 pounds per customer, they could make million. Thanks for whistle blowing :)

    You're most welcome.

    Asal Keto,
    They MIGHT deliver you the valid code soon but if you don't hassle them, I highly doubt they will get back to you. Otherwise request for a refund right away since it takes ages for payment to get through, and until then they might not even do it! At least you deal with Paypal and they are reliable if you lodge a complaint. Good luck!


  13. It works! I have bought the number this morning and got the code a few minutes ago.
    Or perhaps I'm one of the few lucky people hehe, who knows!


  14. @develCuy,
    It worked for me the first time but due to the complications in my second order, my research about this company has completely changed my mind. They never pick up their phones, that is one big hint already. But lucky you =)


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