Motorway Shoot (Part 1)

Last Sunday was one of the best Sundays by far I’ve had in London. Though it was for work, Jace and I had a great time doing his photography project we named the “5 Mile Shoot Along North Circular”. That Sunday was blessed for photography as sun rose from 9 till 4, unlike any other gloomy days in London. It was a very long and dreadful walk to be looking for interesting subjects and scenic setting to frame, so long that even my boots got thinned at the bottom. This collection aims to give you the awareness of the surroundings of North Circular road, one of the major roads that encircles London, and things that have been abandoned that goes unnoticed along and around the motorway. So here’s half of the collection, my hard work! The other half will be posted next. Enjoy!

Finchley Fire Engine

The Path

SunsetThe View

Bus Stop

Pepsi Can

SymmetryTrash Bin

Candy Cloud

Look UpDown Under

Earth Road

Graffiti 1



SunsetAbove All



Jay-CJace & Shelyn

So how did you like the collection so far?

ps: All pictures were taken with the Canon Digital Ixus 65.



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  1. Hey Shelyn *wave wave* !

    This is unbelievable ! Innitiatlly I already felt that the pictures are awesome. But all pictures were taken with a IXUS 65 ? Crazy ?! How did y'all do it ?


  2. thanks to my awesome possum EX – CAMERA! hahahha


  3. EX?? what happen?? hahaha… nice pictures taken though.. hahaha..


  4. the photos are awesome.did you do editing as well?using what software?


  5. Leonard,
    Yes with the barely there Canon Ixus 65! I think was only 4 or 5 megapixels. Basically edited all those pics.

    Suat Lay,
    Thanks to my skills :)

    Thank you, that camera was hers and I take old stuff :p

    Thanks! Quite alot of editing. Not using photoshop coz it's way too complicated for me. I use photoscape! :)


  6. ditto for photoshop. photoscape's awesome … so far any editting i'd use that. btw, urs happened to be the online free verse ?


  7. O.M.G
    I thought you used some super pro DSLR to take those AMAZING pics!
    You are crazily awesome.*hands down*


  8. debbie,
    Yeap got the free version one. I'd like to try out different editing softwares simple to use like Photoscape but maybe more functions. Any recommendations?

    Thank youuuu…! (although should give most credits to the software I use hehe).


  9. I guess you did some editing on all the pictures right?btw,this is an amazing series girl~ =) keep it up!


  10. for pic editting, so far photoscape's the best for its 'simplest functions if compared to photoshop. i'm a noob in that one and too tedious for me. another one more software that you could try is pos editor .. it's free download too but it's so much simpler that i still would opt for photoscape anytime. the best =)


  11. Onn Yee,
    I did quite alot of editing on all the pics. Oh btw, are u my sister's friend? U look familiar :)

    So I guess I'll have to stick to Photoscape still something better's out! Thanks for your reco :)


  12. Gorgeous photos babe!!! And great editing as well, love the muted vintage effect on the photos! Teach me! Haha. :D


  13. Thanks babe! I think you're talking about the Lomo effect, try googling Lomography, they'll teach you how to edit pics for that. Otherwise, install Photoscape, super easy to use, great app :)


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