London iMax

Highlight of Week 5 in London – “Up” in BFI Imax
Watched “Up” in 2D months ago with the PJ boys at One Utama, and now in here in one of the biggest theatres in the world! What a drastic change. I don’t mind seeing the film again just so I could catch a glimpse of the iMax theater. Hard to get tickets unless you book them a week before the film. And I’m glad we’ve got good seats – right in the middle!
We’ve got em nerdy funny looking 3D glasses on..

Jace & I
*snap!* Jace has fish eyes. haha =p *smiles*
London Eye at night, beautifool.
Stroll along the park on a breezy night in front of the eye. Just amazing.


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  1. did anyone tell you that you and that pretty boy looks good together?

    btw, havent been to an imax theather, will try it out soon.


  2. Anonymous,

    thank you thats sucha sweet compliment =) u're the 3rd to say that actually.

    you should try out the imax if you're in london, just to see how the screen evolves around you. gd luck!


  3. yeah.seriously u both look very matchy..


  4. oh my, jace is a real stud isn't him *saliva dropping*
    haha i am kidding! you guys looks soooo good together.Perfect couple!


  5. Anonymous,
    Thanksss :-)

    Indeed he makes you drool lol :p
    thank you :)


  6. bloody bitch. so fast got new bf in uk. where is your wayne? disappointed.


  7. Anonymous,
    Wayne and I broke up months ago. Don't call me a bitch when u don't know me.


  8. but how long have you meet that “pretty boy”. just too fast too soon.


  9. Anonymous,
    Have known him for about a year now. 'Too fast' are different in everyone's books. And what do you mean by “pretty boy” with the quotation marks?


  10. Shelyn, I was the first anonymous poster on this comment. You can just ignore that tool. You don't have to justify anything to anybody. That is your business and who the heck is he/she to make comments about your business.

    To the anonymous above, you have too much time on your hand to mind people's business and it makes you look like an idiot!


  11. you cheap bitch, so fast got new bf. poor wayne…


  12. Anonymous, go f*** off, who cares about your comment. Your brain must be pretty messed up! Or maybe you don't have one at all.
    Oh and let me break this out to you Your mama is a big time BITCH! That's how she got you SOB. F**king loser!


  13. well chatbox is meant for ppl to leave comment. mayb your chatbox is only for compliments? And who knows people are jus saying the fact?


  14. Its true I dont have to justify anythin to any1, but if I did ignore negative comments, it may seem I'm bias and I only choose to reply “positive” comments.

    You can say anythin you like, that's why I don't filter my comments as u can see. It's pretty obvious your comments are pure blunt. I can assure you know nothing about me and wayne, so you can't judge me as a bitch for moving on first. Either way, it's really not your concern unless you're writing on behalf of wayne yea? I hope people like you have the guts to talk face 2 face instead of calling people bitches behind their backs.

    And to the first anonymous, don't see why you should get pissed when I'm not. We should all get used to this, negative people are everywhere yea, chill out =)


  15. I apologize to create drama on your comment box. I just lost my cool. Anyways, we should better enjoy the pictures you posted than some silly comments. Peace Out!


  16. are u the same anonymous? It doesnt seem to me that one time you could call me a bitch and next you say peace out. Odd.


  17. Shelyn, I am the one who posted the first & the last comments. The one who called you a bitch is missing in action. But I should apologize to that person too for cursing his/her mom out. Oh well.


  18. I consider you to be a very, very attractive young lady. Your eyes are beautiful and your complexion is flawless. I'm a college student in Boston and think you are absolutely lovely! ~ Patrick


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