Shabu Shabu

The content of this post is actually 6 months old. Dug up pictures once again, another long gone to-be updated photos. Showing some photos of Plus One Shabu Shabu, a steamboat sort of restaurant in One Utama shopping complex. By the end of the meal, I can conclude that I’m not a fan of it. Dined there because my family friends, the Tibetan monks visited Malaysia back then and Shabu Shabu was one of those places where vegans can go.
They always put these wet towels on the table and charge you for it
whether used or not. And I will always return to them :D
They have wide selection of soup for each person. But it seems
those soup I’ve tried that day sucked. so. bad. its. tasteless.
That’s sis and Jigme the Tibetan monk who now resides in India.
That’s their monastery in India, Dehradun – Mindrolling. Squeeky clean.
It gives me the India feeling. Very beautiful place (certain).
They provide the best hospitality ever to any guest who stays with them.
Many people get the impression that India is very run down and dirty place like in
the movie Slumdog Millionaire, its true at many parts. But it’s a whole new world once
you step into the monastery. It’s like heaven. Definitely another visit to India soon.
Ok, back to Shabu Shabu. That’s Sis and mom.
Me the elder sis and mommy.
They boil this in the soup! Its as huge as my FIST!

Just wana show you guys the beautiful sun set over Connaught Pasar Malam.
Can’t believe I stayed home blogging on a Friday night *sad*
what’s everybody doing? sigh


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  1. Wow that bone does look incredibly huge. But yet the soup still tasteless?

    I visits the Connaught pasar malam almost every week but never had the chance to view such a beautiful sunset. U sure u didn't photoshop that pic? :P Keke..


  2. Connaught PM is just full of ppl coming all over around town. ANyways, you & your sis have ur mom's nose. You 3 lookalike!!


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


  4. tankiasu,
    I thought the same until I tried the soup, it's kinda tasteless. Not the best.
    Oh no, I'm not that good in photoshop I can't do that much to make it look so beautiful. its original =)

    Yeaps, connaught is real nice! I love certain food there.
    That's why she's my mom. But her nose is rounder. Haha


  5. I grew up in Connaught and some residents in Connaught stop liking the PM because of the traffic and the car window breaking cases.

    Indeed your mom's nose is a little rounder and you have her eyes too. Your sis's eyes are a little smaller i guess?


  6. Yeas I've heard of car breaking incidents at Connaught, its in fact one of the top few robbery spots.
    Hm, shes had smaller eyes before but I think its getting bigger by the day n yes, good for her!


  7. hayy pearincess. What is that bone they boil in the soup?? looks crazy..


  8. Pearince! its huge and crazy bigger than my fist. its cow joint i think.


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