Rhu Island, Langkawi

Finally! After 2 months I dug up those missing pictures of Langkawi. I’ve always wanted to post them up but there’s always something in the way that urged me to forgo this one first. I miss the trip. It’s been a great bonding time between me and the boys since college.

5 Reasons Why I Lurve Langkawi

Cheap Liquor

Cheap Ciggies (like I smoke)

Cheap this.

Cheap that.

Amazing beach – Tanjung Rhu

The Black Sand Beach . Literally black

Daley a.k.a Fatt Kor

Temurun Waterfall.

Now this is what I’m talking about.

I am in love with Rhu beach. It’s the BEST!

Photoshoot at the beach. Lol

Jack – Oh yeahhh baby….
Wernie – quack.. quack..

The hotel along Rhu beach. If I’m not mistaken it’s 4 Seasons. Best nyer

Water there sparkle and twinkle too!

Amazing time to sun tan.

I’m amazed by the view of it.

A stretch of islands with the sun setting above them. Precious.

Harbour Park – place for fine dining and drinks.

Sunba, one of the best bars in that area.

Foreigners outnumber locals.

I got this airbrushed on me during the trip and I loved it!
I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo. I will probably get it one day..

Says a tattooist, “You carry a big canvas with you. Why not decorate it?”
I like that saying!



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  1. haha… nice pictures.. haha


  2. hey, thanks! =)
    hope u're doing well in uni :)


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