Marina Barrage I

First day upon arriving Singapore, one of the must-sees in our list would be Marina Barrage, a reservoir built in the city itself. We kinda got lost along the way when we wanted to get a free shuttle to M.B. from the MRT because the MRT has so many exits, and surroundings were all construction sites. So we had to inhale all that dust and sand as we walk to the nearest bus station to seek direction.

Nicely strolling, if only we were in a park instead of construction sites.


Not a bad place to visit after all. Don’t judge just because it’s a reservoir doesn’t mean
it’ll be all engineering and metals. View was great, and if you have much time to kill,
you could go up to the green roof and do whatever you like- picnic, sports, etc.


Welcome on behalf of Marina Barrage. Free admission. Not me! :p


Whole lotta pillars supporting the curvy bridge.


Shades is a must on a sunny day :D


Love the ocean to bits. Love it more if it weren’t for the ships.
The constructions n stuff are overloading. They should stop hurting little aqua babies.


Yeah go green, just on the roof. Urgh. What about the sea!


That’s the Singapore Flyer. Eye on Singapore :)


A Coke and Rootbeer. I love both equally.


We are the ChampWesleyions!


They have a gallery too. Interesting, not quite expected of.

Till then, got lots more pics of the gallery coming up. Don’t want you guys to get
bogged down with loads of pics as you scroll down this post :)



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  1. SHELYN !!!

    nice place…
    I like the last picture, the alien-ish nest..

    That can be a nice interior for a club.

    Its always good to see all your travelling pictures and the next time Im going to these places I'll know where to head to.


  2. Hey thanks! If you need more info, don't hesitate to ask, will be more than happy to help :) Saw Harith at Singapore sippin on coffee the other day, small world :)


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