Hotel Furama, Singapore

I’m back! …and Singapore was GREAT.
Let me give you a little insight to where I made myself at home for 4 days during my trip to Singapore last week, Furama Hotel. Very small city but enough to top Kuala Lumpur, in terms of cleanliness, public transport, public facilities, traffic, leisure, etc. Or it can be because I’m just a first timer jacoon entering Singapore in 15 years. Here’s my traveling mates..

Just the 3 of us. Small groups are good in many ways.
You need not wait very long to use the bathroom and smell lots of kapoot.

Where we stayed. I rate it 3.5 star.
Website photos made it 5star looking but quite chap-lang in reality.

Hotel lobby. Many China Ah Pek

A double superior room. Not that bad after all for SGD300. Lee Cy you
charged me extra RM 50+ you backside. Vassever, keep the change.

Each for the ladies. I wished the biggest fella had slept not on the bed
but we girls were kind enough to adopt him and put him in the middle. Sigh

View from our room overlooking the city and Singapore’s round Flyer.

Buildings buildings. Where are your GREEN buildings Sg?
You should start conserving the environment.

Boys these days… *shakes head*

Look like some animal attack right. Unfortunately it was the escalator.

Very unfortunate incident on the last day while I was walking to the bus station before heading back to KL. I was wheeling my trolley luggage up the escalator when all of sudden it disappeared from my hands and rolled its way down. As reflexive as I could be, I ran down going against the escalator trying to catch up with the luggage and before I could grab hold of it, I started falling together with my luggage. Very sweet of me yet stupid. Don’t ask me how I tripped I can’t remember, seriously. And no, I did not have a concussion enough to lose memory. The process of the fall was painful especially when you’re falling against the direction where the escalator is going, which makes it impossible to get up without any help. Then along came the heros after 8 seconds of tumbling, Lee Cy and a kind stranger. Here’s my official gratitude, regret I do not recognize the stranger’s face or thank him because I was busy mourning in pain, too carried away. So thank you.

A Great Ending.


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  1. OHMYGOSH read it on Twitter about your escalator incident but now I see the extent of the severity. Speedy recovery, babe!


  2. feel like kill all the escalators in the world!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Emily,
    thanks babe! And I didn't know you're back in oz till I saw your tweets! Barely 2 weeks in KL, that was quick.

    Haha. that was funny. The naivety joke.


  4. Did the escalator leave any of those marks on your face? ouch.


  5. OMG how horrifying!!! Hope it wont leave any scars babe. Recover well!


  6. Anonymous,
    Thank God not my face. Else I'd really hate Singapore for it.

    I hope so too *fingers crossed* thanks babe! :)


  7. OUCHHHH!!..hope it doesn't leave u scars..


  8. Just refrain from taking escalators next time :)


  9. Now I'm just very cautious when I step on the elevator. So careful I almost fall again… LOL


  10. I mean escalator. Haha


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