CosmoBeaute Asia Fair

Hola! Recap on what I’ve been doing the last week – work and abit of fun along the way (trying to stay optimistic so I don’t get gobbled down with only work). Working with Kai Professional Makeup at the exhibition in PWTC was a good experience, although I don’t get paid well (Mimee boss don’t kill me I know you’d be reading this). It’s all about the experience and seeing how much I can achieve since it’s a sales/promoter job. I can tell you, selling cosmetics can earn quite some maney. Girls out there are willing to splurge on it. Btw, all pics below are blurry and noiseful, they’re mobile uploads.

I love those lipgloss especially. Gives me shiny pouty lips :)

Kai Professional’s the distributor for this brand from Paris.


Our booth


The crews.


We had a mini runway on our own too.

That’s Amber our Malaysian top model. Shes pretty good and flexible.

Oh what a hunk with sucha bod! How I wish I could [blank] .


The group of models my boss hired for the show. They’re all so tall und pretty.

My workmate and the model in her custom designed runway costume.


These aren’t high fashion costumes, obviously! They’re all themed.


With the rest of the girls. It was fun working with you guys :)

That was my lunch throughout the 4day event. Like dog food.
On the last day I had Siakap Kukus Air Limau for dinner! totally yumz.

ps: can’t wait to get my paycheck so I could enjoy my upcoming
Singapore trip!



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  1. Hello you… how's the braces doing? i'm proud to say my teeth are quite properly align now only after 8+ months! :D

    and what a small world we live in! i was actually there that day too! Was sitting right infront of the runway.

    See that picture with the 'hot bod' guy? And the girl sitting down behind him holding the camera? I was beside her lol.

    Oklah, can't see me at all. But anyway, just wanted to ask if i could steal that pic from you :)
    I know i can right? :P hehe


  2. Hey there!
    Mine's barely 5 months but yeah it's going great *high 5*

    You were the one with the white cap? Ah, couldn't tell. Bet you had fun sitting while my legs were crippling!

    No probs, just grab em =)


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


  4. Haha i totally feel you on the sales job part,ARGH the standing is crazy! But at the end of the day, you kinda get surprise that you can actually stand for that many hours without sitting! haha i know i did lol.

    Nope wasn't the guy with the cap… it was packed that day huh? i felt so sardin-ish haha.

    Hey, i'll add you to my links ok, cause you're not that boring to talk to hehe :P


  5. Event jobs are like that I suppose you know, but its worse when girls have to stand in heels. It's crazy. Oh then I'm not sure, it was so packed that day while Amber came. You had a seat so no complaints k! Whats most pit anyway


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