Langkawi Geopark

Heya. Here’s the continuation of the blog post on my Langkawi trip with me uni buddies. It was all tiring on the first day due to insufficient sleep. The next day we overslept again, as expected. So we hurried our way to the Langkawi Geopark, a place that offers the best view of the entire island! It was so high up that the cable car ride freaked Wernie out.

Dropped by at the Langkasuka beach.

Jack seems so sexcited!

Aww, so schweeet :) Reminds me of my langkawi trip back in 2006


A cosy looking beach


The Langkasuka Resort

The Langkawi Geopark entrance

A snake for tourists to snap photos with :D

RM30 per adult. Trust me, it’s worth it

The boys

Wokay here we go! :)

On the way up


First pitstop.


One of the observation towers. Pretty cool


This is one of the best photos :)



Left: Wayne and I
Right: Walking down to the Sky Bridge. Walking back up from the Sky Bridge is
a huge challenge. You will feel your legs crippling at the end of it.


The amazing Sky Bridge!


Me love the ocean

The emerging students of HELP University! :D
Wernie showing his meat muscles

The view was spectacular, especially from such heights in the middle of nowhere!


The cable car

Needless to say, the view was extraordinary.



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  1. nice trip.. lolx… wished that i could've be there as well.. hahaha


  2. thanks, it was a fun trip. the next time you should visit the geopark if you havent been there before :)


  3. haha…nice trip huh!!
    i like ur new layout,great job!!


  4. OnnYee,
    Hey thanks! It was a wonderful trip. And the layout, its too simple i think! :)


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