Langkawi Island – The Arrival

Hola! I’m back from my vacation people. Went to Langkawi for 3 days 2 nights with the usual uni bunch, short trip but sweet. Departed on Wednesday night and got back on Saturday night. The bus ride was so long and dreadful. Should have taken the airplane instead. Spent about RM600 or more for this entire trip – transportation, lodging, and all other expenses. Apart from the ride, everything else was amazing :)

Departed from the Duta bus station. One way bus tickets at RM43
7 hour long bus ride, zzz..

Finally arrived at jetty during sunrise. 2 more hours to go, zzz…

The boys were all so tired, insufficient sleep in the bumpy bus ride.

Along the way approaching the island. Water’s all greenish.

Candy treat for the kid during the boat ride :)

Such a cute pink candy!

Do you remember this little figure? :)


This is much cuter! Haha. Liked this one better :)


The jetty at Langkawi island itself. Wish I owned that ship.



The big eagle!



Drove down to Kuah town for breakfast and some duty free shopping

Booze that kills.. Liquors and more liquors, dirt cheap.
Only RM70 for a bottle of Sheridan! That’s about $20!


Oh Appletini. This one me likey.

Something affordable to keep, liquor miniatures. All below RM20

Checked into our hotel – Helang Resort.

Located just beside the Langkawi airport. How convenient.


That ain’t some prostitute hotel room. It was our room.

It was a long ride to the island and we all slept till 4pm before we headed to the Langkawi Geopark cable car, one of the best attractions there. We basically drove around the island and visited places like the Temurun waterfall, Rhu beach, and the restaurants n bars in Kuah town and Cenang. Long journey very well paid off I can say. Wish we stayed longer though :) More photos to come! By the way, sorry about the changes to my blog’s layout. It’s kinda hard to stick to the partly unfinished one. More changes to come ;)

ps: I’m still thinking where I could fit in a chatbox without spoiling
the layout and looking misplaced. Any suggestions?



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  1. how come no girls joining this trip?
    but seems quite nice…


  2. how about below ur title , make it 4 columns instead of 3? by then it'll look more proportionate?


  3. Henry,
    Because there aren't any girls available and willing to join this time. Most of them are away in Australia, you know who u are Sharon, Em & Fei!

    I thought about that but it wont fit nicely, will look quite weird with it. The chatbox itself is quite big you see. And with these 3 columns, its suppose to look center-aligned. I thought about putting it at the very bottom of the website. But, the convenience of the chatbox won't be so useful when people need to scroll all the way down.


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